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Welcome to Plastifloor® pages

 MMA and PUMMA resin flooring, Waterproofing, Polymer Concrete, Sealers.

Fast curing, long lasting, hygienic acrylic resin made by Plasti-Chemie Productions GmbH since 1995

Welcome to Plastifloor® pages - MMA and PUMMA floor coatings developed, produced and shipped from Germany to the world. 

Our product lines also include resins based on PU, polyasparthics and epoxy.



Resins are our passion and we are dedicated to bring out the best solution to our customers in more than 50 countries since 1995.

Our Certificates



resins and hardener
Plastifloor over tiles

Plastifloor flakes floor.

Plastifloor 540/ H cove paste

to install a cove use Plastifloor 540/h cove paste with color quartz 1:3 (our friends from Ireland)


Plastifloor 800 PUMMA

Plastifloor delivery.

Plastifloor resins are filled in 180 kg drums.

Plastifloor product samples

Plastifloor coating sample box.


Plastifloor 540/h cove paste.

Plastifloor resin delivery

We deliver world wide to our partners.

Plastifloor 522 sealer.

s/l floor coating in Israel.

Plastifloor in a dairy

installation in Australia.

Plastifloor 118 primer on a bridge

Plastifloor 118 can be used on slighly wet concrete.

Plastifloor 510 Terrazzo

Terrazzo installation with Plastifloor resin in Israel.

Plastifloor 418 s/l coating

use Plastifloor 418 1: 1 by Volume with Plastifloor s/l filler to prepare a self levelling coating on top of Plastifloor 112 primer.

Plastifloor 522 sealer

Plastifloor 522 is a hard sealer for Plastifloor 418 coatings.

Plastifloor 526

Plastifloor 526 is a med flexible sealer for fully broadcasted s/l floors.

Plastipur 570

Plastipur 570 is a Polyaspartic sealer on top of Plastifloor coatings.

Plastifloor coating system

This brewery floor was renovated with a Plastilfoor coating system within 2 days.

Plastifloor 418 s/l

Plastifloor coating systems had been used in this chicken food factory in Twistringen/Germany.

Plastifloor 418

The fast curing Plastifloor resins had been used for this rest room renovation in Australia.


Logos are possible in different colors.

Plastifloor for bakeries

The hygienic and seamless Plastifloor coating was used for this 3500 m² job in a new bakery in Germany.

Plastifloor for butchers

this cooler was covered with Plastifloor resins by our Irish partners.

Plastifloor for restrooms

Plastifloor floors are easy to clean and they are slip resistant. The resins had been used for a Shell station in Germany.

Plastistone in Hyderabad

To achive a antistatic surface this Plastifloor system has been topcoated with a antistatic

Plastifloor coating system

This Plastifloor coating system was installed by our partner in South Africa.

Plastifloor in a delicates factory

Plastifloor has been installed in this delikates manufacturer in Germany

Plastifloor 418 s/l

This pharmaceutical producer trusted in the fast curing and self levelling Plastifloor 412 coating system in Kalkar/Germany.

Plastifloor for warehouses

The fast curing Plastifloor resins had been used to install this new floor in a warehouse in Germany.

Plastifloor + Plastipur

to achieve a higher chemical resistance against solvents this warehouse floor was topcoated with Plastipur on top of a Plastifloor 418 s/l coating.

Plastipur 570

use Plastifloor 570 Polyaspartic for easy to clean basements.

Plastifloor for dumpster areas

Plastifloor is tuff, even for dumpster areas.

Plastifloor 510 Terrazzo

exterior installation of Plastifloor 510 Terrazzo in Israel.

Plastifloor in a pet food factory

The goal was to renovate am old Epoxy floor between Christmas and new year. Only with the fast curing Plastifloor resins it was possible to finish the job in just 4 days.

Plastifloor for pools

Installation in South Africa.

Plastifloor 540/h cove

South Africa.

Plastifloor 412 s/l

high tech producer in Germany.

Plastifloor in a dairy

installation in Israel.

Plastifloor in a prison, NY

installation in USA.

Plastifloor flakes floor, Qiagen USA

installation in USA.

KFC , Moss Point, MS

installation in USA

Plastifloor in textile industry

Plastifloor had been used to renovate this floor in a textile manufacturing factory.

Metzgerei. Meyer, Nürnberg

Plastifloor for butchers.

Plastifloor for ASDA, UK

Plastifloor flakes floor was installed in this ASDA market in UK.

Bagel Bakery, Germany

Plastifloor in a bakery in Germany.

Lockwitzer Fresh Fruits, Dresden

Plastifloor in a fresh food manufacturer in Germany.

Plastifloor Membrane on asphalt

Plastifloor in a Acetat factory in Germany.

Meat factory, Germany
Meilinger Meat, Ingolstadt Germany
Meilinger, Germany
Garage floor

garage floor.

Plastifloor flakes floor, auto suppl

Plastifloor flakes floor in a automobil supplier in Germany.

cool room, Berlin

Plastifloor in a cooler room.

high tech producer, Jena Germany

Plastifloor 412 s/l.

warehouse, Le Patron Switzerland


YMCA, San Francisco

basketball court USA

Plastifloor 800 mortar
bridge deck overlay, Utah

Plastifloor 800 PUMMA resin can be used for bridge deck overlays.

Hyderabad, operation room
Plastifloor 800 PUMMA on a steel bridge
Praxis room, Germany
acid factory, Germany
Lee County, locker rooms

installation in USA, FL

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